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Running Analysis

A running analysis can be very helpful whether you have an injury or if you would like to know if you are running with optimal technique. We highly recommend this no matter what level of ability you are, whether a beginner, weekend jogger or competitive athlete.

We will analyse if you have specific biomechanical imbalances and how these may contribute to your injury or efficiency as a runner.

How does it work?

Firstly, your Physiotherapist will discuss your running/exercise training programme and injury history with you.

Secondly, we will video you running on the treadmill. From observing you in real time and also through slow motion in the recording, we will explain what ideal running form is and how your technique compares.

Based on the findings from the video analysis we can give you specific and individualised cues to help improve your form. You will have a chance within the session to practice this on the treadmill and review video footage once more.

A biomechanical assessment may also be performed to test areas we might be interested in for their flexibility and strength. From this information we will create a specific and focused treatment plan that will work to correct your imbalances and help you become a better runner.

Who will conduct the analysis?

Your running analysis appointment can be made with our Physiotherapist's Karen Shaw or Ni'ia Jones, or organised through your current Physiotherapist if you are already seeing one of our team.

Our Physio's are all keen runners and between them have covered distances from competing in 800m on track all the way up to half marathons, full marathons and ultra-marathon distances. We feel that in order to understand runners and running injuries, it's helpful to be a runner yourself!

What is the duration and cost of the analysis?

Duration: 1 hour
Cost: $140

What to wear?

Comfortable running clothes. Please ensure your top and bottom options are different colours. Shorts are preferable to tights (but don't worry if you don't own shorts).

Can this be claimed on private health insurance?

This can be claimed on your private health insurance if you have physiotherapy cover. Please bring your private health insurance card so that we can process your claim on the spot.

For further information or to book an appointment for this service, you can book online, email your enquiry to or call our friendly reception on 03 9670 7041.


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