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Clinical Pilates

Become Stronger, Fitter & More Flexible

Clinical pilates is a form of exercise guided by physiotherapists for rehabilitation and prevention of injury. It is an adaptation of the original pilates method, incorporating current scientific knowledge and physiotherapy expertise.

Clinical pilates is instructed on a one to one or small group basis using floor exercises and spring loaded equipment to develop and train the deep abdominal and spinal muscles to provide stability and strength.

At Flex Sports Physiotherapy our focus is on accurate diagnosis and treatment of pain and injury as well as optimal postural alignment and biomechanics.

Why choose Flex Physio for your pilates instruction?

  • Fully equipped Pilates studio in a light and clean environment
  • Experienced and fully qualified physiotherapists providing expert instruction
  • Expertise: Thorough assessment and individualised programs
  • Convenience: A central and convenient location in the CBD

Who can benefit?

Clients with any of the following problems can benefit from clinical pilates:

  • Back and neck pain - especially chronic or recurrent pain
  • Poor posture
  • Postural related headaches
  • Poor flexibility or core stability
  • Sporting injury - especially overuse injury, recurrent or chronic
  • Muskuloskeletal surgery requiring rehabilitation
  • Pre natal back and pelvic pain, post natal reduced muscle strength and tone
  • Sub optimal sporting performance - through improved biomechanical efficiency

Consultation Overview

At your initial consultation, your physiotherapist will make a detailed assessment of any injury, pain or postural problems present and introduce you to the basic principles of pilates. You will be shown how to perform appropriate exercises on the floor and reformer and an individual program will be developed for you. Your program can be tailored to your chosen sporting activity if required. You may also be provided with exercises and stretches to practice at home.

It is recommended that all clients complete at least two individual pilates sessions before progressing to small group classes. At Flex Sports Physiotherapy we offer three on one classes at specified times. Clients may also choose to continue with private one on one sessions, if they prefer.

Pilates Timetable

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Our Fees

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For further information or to book an appointment for this service, you can book online, email your enquiry to or call our friendly reception on 03 9670 7041.

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Ph: (03) 9670 7041

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