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Flex Sports Physiotherapy and Clinical Pilates is located in the heart of Melbourne's CBD. We offer a dedicated, highly skilled Physiotherapy service, complemented by a Clinical Pilates Program, Myotherapy, Remedial Massage and Running Analysis. Our focus is on individual care with the aim of reducing pain, restoring movement and returning to sport or general activity safely and in the shortest time possible.

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Flex Sports Physiotherapy's Running workshops 2018

This year we are starting things off by providing 2 running specific workshops.

Workshop 1: Strength Training for Runners
Thursday 15th February 2018, 6.30-7.30pm

We pick our favourite running specific strengthening exercises and take you through a circuit. You can expect:

  • Education on why strength training is important for runners
  • Detailed teaching of exercises & technique correction
  • Exercise progressions
  • A good workout - you will sweat and feel a good burn
  • An idea of how many exercises and how often to use them
  • A solid list of new exercises you can add into your programme, at home or in the gym

Workshop 2: Flexibility and Recovery for Runners
Thursday 15th March 2018, 6.30-7.30pm

This workshop will guide you through specific body areas that runners need to keep flexible and mobile to aid in recovery and prevent injury. You can expect;

  • Education on why flexibility and mobility is important for runners
  • Detailed teaching of exercises & technique correction
  • Use of a foam roller and spikey ball for muscular release
  • Education on Static vs Dynamic stretches, Mobility vs Activation, and when to implement
  • A solid list of key exercises you can add into your recovery programme

Both workshops are;

  • Instructed by Physiotherapist's and runners - Kate Dyball and Ni'ia Jones
  • At Flex Sports Physiotherapy, Level 1, 99 Queen Street
  • 1 hour duration each
  • $20 (payment accepted on the night)
  • Please wear shoes and activewear

If you are interested in registering, register online: 15th February and/or 15th March. Or, you can email

If you are currently injured but would like to attend, please contact us and we can give you advice and guidance on whether you can still take part.

Make the move to become a stronger and more efficient runner.


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